Website Questionnaire

There are six important parts to building and maintaining a website: Setup, Design, Development, Content, Training and Ongoing Support.

Before we build a website for you, please take the time to understand the difference between these. The setup, design and development will be done by LW Design. The content can also be done by us, but equally it can be done by you after a little training. We advise you pay us for ongoing support, however we can train you to do it yourself.

Ongoing support can be done on a monthly or ad-hoc basis, to best suit your budget.

When setting up a new website, you only pay for the setup, design and development. The content, training and ongoing Support are separate costs.

Client name*:




It's important for us to ask the right questions about your brand. You may not know all the answers to these questions right now, but the more information you provide the better we can design the website to fit your needs!

Who are your competitors and do their sites influence you? If so please provide the websites addresses:

What is your brand strapline?:

Can you provide a Mission Statement and Company Ethos?:

How would you summarise “what you do”?:

Who is your audience?:


The setup includes the hosting, domain name and possible content management System.

Do you have a website already? If so please provide the address:

If you don't have a website already, what domain would you like?:

Can you provide an accurate timeline for each phase and go-live date?:

Do you need hosting?:


What’s wrong with your current website?:

Are you looking for a traditional or radical website theme? (styling, look and feel, etc):

Do you need any of these optional extras?:


Who will be adding the content?:

Can you provide a full site map? (List of pages):

Can you provide graphics, logos and photographs, or do these items need to be created?:

Are you able to manipulate images yourself – i.e. resize them for web?:

Is the homepage to have a slideshow, video, or animation?:

Do you need social media integration?:


Who will be maintaining the website? :

Would they need training?:

Would you need ongoing support?:

Do you have any technical understanding of the internet?:

Have you ever used a content management system?:

What is your budget?: