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LW Design provide website design in Dorking and surrounding locations. We take care of your marketing solutions, so you can focus on making your business more successful.

Our team in Dorking provide a variety of website solutions to fit your online requirement. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • One page landing websites
  • Content managed WordPress websites
  • Bespoke websites
  • Fully managed complex websites with thousands of pages
  • PSD to HTML conversion websites

Basically, whatever you need for a website design in Dorking, LW Design have the marketing solution.

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Our Website Design TeamBack to top

LW Design have a great team of committed designers and developers who are constantly pushing the boundaries of their skill level. We are based in Dorking.

We’re up to date with the latest web design trends, and have solutions for them all. Long parallax scrolling sites, responsive mobile friendly web design, flat user interfaces (UI), video integration, and quirky 404 error pages to name a few. Equally we’re always happy to design with previous favoured trends if preferred.

Ultimately we’re looking to create a marketing solution that fits your needs. Want a bespoke quote? Contact us today.

LW Design specialise in the following Web Design features:

E-commerce Websites in DorkingBack to top

The internet is a wonderful way to sell your products, whether they’re physical or digital, to a wider audience you wouldn’t possible reach with a conventional shop. Sites like eBay and Amazon are great to get started, but lack customisation or personalisation.

At LW Design we can build bespoke sites that give you full control over the features and design, while still providing the functionality of a fully integrated shopping cart. Your customers will have a personal account to login and see all their previous purchases.

This is perfect for small businesses in Dorking looking to take their online shopping experience to the next level.

Events Management Websites in DorkingBack to top

Another feature we specialise in is Events Management in Dorking. You can take payments directly through your own bespoke website, or use third party plugins and extentions. Customers will receive an automatic email detailing their event date as well as seat availability.

This is perfect for companies and individuals running events such as:

  • Conferences
  • Training Sessions
  • Sporting Events
  • Bands
  • Networking
  • Schools, Groups or Clubs

Portfolio Websites in DorkingBack to top

Portfolio websites are all about showing off the work you’re proud of in the most accessible manor. You want it to work on as many devices as possible, and you want it to work fast.

The design and development of portfolio websites can vary drastically depending on what you need it for. A fashion designer may require a clean stylish website with a full width slider to display their collections, whereas an antiques dealer will need a more blog based site with a light box and magnifier to showcase their wares.

Either way LW Design can provide the perfect web portfolio solution in Dorking to complement your needs.

Content Managed WordPress Websites in DorkingBack to top

Five years ago LW Design made the decision to specialise in WordPress websites in Dorking. They’re a great Content Management System (CMS) solution for beginners all the way through to experts. We will give you the exact amount of control (or lack of!) that you’re comfortable with, and manage the rest for you.

So, what are your needs?

  • Do you want to only edit pictures and images on your website?
  • Do you want to be able to delve into the code to change the site further?
  • Do you want to edit absolutely nothing and simply email or call up to tell us what needs changes?

With a quick meeting or phone call we’ll be able to manage your expectations and design a visual prototype for your approval. From there we will develop the working website!

We also work with these Content Management Systems too:

  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Umbraco
  • Tumblr

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Basic Website FeaturesBack to top

Our websites come with the following basic features:

  • Fully Responsive (Mobile, tablet and laptop ready)
  • Google Analytics
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Customer feedback
  • Contact forms
  • Embedded maps and image galleries
  • A blog
  • A kind, friendly team at the end of the phone

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HostingBack to top

We provide website hosting on our dedicated Linux server, giving us full control over all aspects of your site. The security, speed, and performance is handled by LW Design, providing you with the best of all three.

Hosting starts from just £10 + VAT per month and we can purchase a domain registered in your name too.

Contact us about your Website todayBack to top

Call, email or visit the LW Design team today to get a quote or to discuss your very own website built by a local team, in Dorking.

Call: 01306 876203
Visit: Directions from Dorking to LW Design

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